Mutation means transfer or change of name in the records of the Municipal Corporation or requisite local authority for the concerned property. In other words, recording in the revenue records, the transfer of title of the property from one person to another. A Property can be either inherited or transferred through sale deed.

As per the local laws, the documents with respect to a property in India should bear the name of the owner in the municipal records. And if the property is inherited, the same should be changed accordingly in the records of the municipal records. The whole process combined together called Mutation. The legal procedure of mutation is different in different Indian States.

NRIs during the purchase of the property or in case of inheritance must get the title of the property checked in Municipal records to know the best title of the property.

In case of legal assistance, ASC LEGAL will verify the property documents and assess the exact situation that will suggest the required legal formalities that need to be completed.

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