Being an NRI and in need of immigration help in India:

Immigration Laws, Visa Rules and Appeal Procedures of any country are complex and ever-changing. It is possible for an individual to follow the self- help approach. However, the risks are many – lack of knowledge of the changing legal scenario, unfamiliarity with the procedures, which required to be followed strictly and practically and lack of expertise in filing of the  Visa Application Forms. All of these combined may lead to Visa rejections.

Immigration Laws and Visa Application Process, Which requires constant


  • Family visa and its application process.
  • Supporting documents with vital evidentiary value.
  • Personal Interview conducted at High Commissions or Embassies.

If the visa application is not accepted for the first instance, it may lead to long and cumbersome processing delays. Therefore, proper representation is necessary for successful visa application process. ASC Legal can provide legal representation for fresh and rejected visa applications. In addition, we are in association with foreign immigration lawyers, which will help us to give our clients a superior legal service.

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