Mr. Alok Sinha-International President, Bhartiya Society

The founder and International President of the Bhartiya Society, Mr. Alok Sinha is a practicing advocate in Hon’bls Supreme Court of India (The Apex Judicial Body of Indian). Mr. Sinha is a lawyer of repute and stature, has vast in-depth experience of more than 32 years in the field of law. He has dealt with many reputed companies nationally and globally. He advises various multinationals with his expert opinion on a host of important issues. The long years of his practice has enabled him to interact with many sections of the society and get exposed to various legal and commercial facets of employer- employee relationship, finance and financial systems, bureaucracy, political system, voluntary sector such as NGOs etc.

Mr. Sinha felt that he should use the potential and energies of his learning and experience towards the growth and prosperity of India. He realized that we are a gifted country that has a multitude of natural resources; our human potential though needs to be deployed better to make good use of all these natural resources. This he felt is not properly and adequately utilized, probably because of the lack of sufficient financial resources and an organized system. The Gulf countries were unaware of the power hidden behind their natural resources but the moment they realized the value of oil they become one of the wealthiest countries across the globe. Mr. Sinha realized that the potential of human resources in India is extremely valuable and comparable. In his experience of dealing with various small, medium and large sized companies and their labour and personnel legal issues; he felt the need of simplifying law and to create more employment for the balance of power between employer and employee.

He always realized that generating more employment would enable workforce of this country to not have to run for a job and accept all reasonable and unreasonable terms of employer. Additionally, employers would also not like to lose experienced and good workers. This he saw as a mututal balance which because of the lack of job opportunities is a disturbed equilibrium.

The result of lack of opportunity for workforce is protectionist government policies, complicated laws, unrest and low productivity. For healthy business growth, healthy competition is required. Over-protection makes a man slow, lazy, non-productive and devoid of the spirit of accepting challenges. The need therefore is to stop promoting an adverse to growth cycles.

The only way to promote good and healthy competition is to create employment through investments and bring in new business opportunities and establishments besides other social services. Therefore, Mr. Sinha laid down the foundation of Bhartiya Society.

Bhartiya Society took an initiative to organize very high level national/international conferences and ppublication of the magazine Eyelid-Global India to achieve these objectives through the extensive business and personal network and contacts of Mr. Alok Sinha.

As a priority Mr. Sinha wanted to cater to the two weaker sections of the society Old people and Children. He observed that a larger number of the social sector organisatons, NGOs and other charitable organizations are concentrating more on children as compared to old people. Mr. Sinha saw the flip side of the coin and realized that though children grow up and become stronger old aged person will become weaker and feeble day –by-day. Senior citizens would thus need ever expanding attention and care so that they can live better and happier for the rest of their life. He therefore chose to focus on support old age homes through his resources and those of like minded individuals are willing to support old aged people. This even though a small effort would be a beginning in some way that could catalyse a larger awareness and effort.

Mr. Sinha is extensively involved in foreign and domestic investments solicitation across the globe. He has been involved in a advisory capacity of various government initiatives.

ICEX (Spanish Institute of Commercio Exterior) is a commercial administrative wing in Spain which helps in internationalization of Spanish companies ny promoting commercial activities and supporting investors from their country technically and financially by giving them opportunities to venture into developing world markets and centers of business. The representatives of ICEX personally invited Mr. Alok Sinha to support and provide help to promote bilateral investments between Spain and India.

The Malta Enterprise asked Mr. Alok Sinha to extend his help to promote the process of investments in their country. The advantages of Double Taxation Treaty between the two countries could be availed by investors.

Similar advantages of Double Taxation treaty are shared by the governments of Mauritius and India.  The investment Commissioner of Mauritius attended a conference of Bhartiya Society and was impressed by Mr. Alok Sinha so asked him for his support in investments in his country.

Mexican Embassy approached Mr. Alok Sinha and sought help from ASC, Solicitors  & Advocates to provide necessary support to a chain of investors from Mexico particularly in Restraunt business, to find suitable partners for joint ventures and for making investments in India by utilizing his vast knowledge, contacts and his capacity as president of Bhartiya society and ASC solicitors & Advocates.

Mexican chain of Investors visiting India requested Mr. Sinha for his sup[port in bilateral interaction for commercial purposes.

Mr. Sinha’s work in the field of law, investments and employment has been appreciated by various Ministries and other authorities of the Governments etc. Mr. Sinha’s work has also been appreciated and supported by Planning Commission of India and International Labour Organisation (A UN Agency), at various ventures/ conferences organized by Bhartiya Society.

Mr. Sinha has been invited at various forums to deliver lectures at National and International Conference on different topics dealing with investments in India. Some of which are as indicated below:

  • Chief Speaker in International Conference on Arbitration and Industrial laws, organized by Bhartiya Society supported by Ministry of  Labour & Employment, Govt of Delhi, on March 15, 2010 at New Delhi , India
  • Chaired the session of “Housing & Real Estate Finance, FDI, Taxation, Legal and Regulatory Issues” in the National Conference “ Affordable Husing for all” organized by NAREDCO on  April 21& 22, 2008 at India Habitat Centre, India.
  • Chief Guest at “Invest in India” conference organized by India International Business Forum at London, United Kingdom
  • Chief Guest at “NRI Legal & Investment Issues” conference organized by Ilford Association, at Ilford, United Kingdom
  • Chief Guest of the event on “India an Investment Destination” Organized by Global Business Forum on January 28, 2008 at Los Angeles, United State of America
  • Chief Speaker in International Conference on Arbitration and Employment laws, organized by Bhartiya Society supported by Ministry of  Labour & Employment, Govt of Delhi, on October 26, 2007 at New Delhi , India
  • Chief speaker in National conference on Corporate & Labour Laws, organized by Bhartiya Society, supported by planning Commission of India on april 8, 2006 at New Delhi, India
  • Chief Speaker on “Employment Laws and Contract Labour” in the International Conference on Foreign Investments and related Corporate Laws organized by Bhartiya Society supported by Planning Commission, Japanese Trade External Organisation on February15th and16th 2005 at Mumbai, India
  • Chief speaker “Trends in Industrial Laws in view of recent Globalization” organized by Indian Institute of Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) on March 29, 2003 at New Delhi, India
  • Chief Speaker of “Invest in India” National Conference on Industrial and Corporate Laws organized by ICPS, supported by International Labour Organization (ILO) on October 13th and 14th 2003 at Mumbai, India

    He is also:

    • International President- Bhartiya Society
    • International President- ASC Solicitors and
    • Life Member- International Law Institute (ILI)
    • Member  – India British Partership Network
    • Member – Institute of Directors (IOP), London
    • Member – PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, India
    • Member – Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), India
    • Member and Honorary Legal Advisor – Chelmsford Club, New Delhi, India
    • Honorary Legal Advisor – Delhi Race Course Club, India
    • Member – Bar Council of Delhi

Articles written by Mr. Alok Sinha:

  • India – An investment destination
  • The great son of the Soil – -Lakshmi Niwas Mittal
  • Uttrakhand – A power hub
  • Foreign Direct VS Institutional Investment
  • The great son of the Soil- Ratan Tata
  • Touching sky – Mukesh Ambani
  • Share holder Agreement
  • FDI vs FII
  • Trade Mark Laws in india
  • Joint venture / Foreign Collaboration certain issues
  • ADR/GDR – American Depository Receipts/ Global Depository Receipts
  • Project Finance
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