Eye Lid Global India, a quarterly publication of Bhartiya Society is complimentary initiative which is specially created for NRIs & PIOs who are very close to our heart but distance keep them apart from us. It is largely circulated amongst various NRIs/PIOs association corporate bodies, NRI Industrialists, big business houses to foreign countries and in India.

This is a complimentary magazine and 5000 copies of this magazine are sent abroad particularly to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, Corporate houses, NRI’s Association, Embassies, High Commissions and in various Chambers of Commerce  etc. In India it is circulated among Corporate Houses, Ministries, Bureaucrats, Hon’ble Judges, Corporations, Banks, PSU’s, Investment Bankers, Embassies, High Commissions and investors houses.

This magazine is a semi-legal magazine which cover-up topics related to Foreign Direct Investment, investment related laws etc.

As NRIs/ PIOs having a great bond with their motherland and they are always in search of such opportunities which have made their links stronger and provide them base to re-associate with their motherland & Bhartiya Society initiative Eyelid Global India is the best way to provide this kind of platform.

This magazine has three active sections which are self sufficient to cater valuable information for NRI’s and PIO’s.

  • Investment Section
  • Legal Section
  • General Section

The main focus areas of the magazine are under mentioned:

  • The legal articles relevant to NRIs/PIOs about succession, mutation, inheritance, dowry, marriage, taxation, visa etc.
  • Investment and legal information to facilitate investment.
  • Information regarding new judgements
  • The latest amendments, modification and enactments by parliament.
  • Knowledge and legal information about concerned laws.
  • Relevant social and cultural information
  • Political scenario
  • Opinion of lawyers on various relevant topics and articles.
  • Investment opportunities in India and abroad.
  • Articles from UK and Indian lawyers about concerned laws, its development and applicability.
  • An expert column where any member of the society can put forth any of his query for which the advice would be rendered free of charges in next edition.
  • Social information about India
  • Political information about India
  • Showcase personalities who are taking initiative to empowering the nation.
  • News that matters.

We have also introduced an interactive feature through which you can provide your comments related to eyelid which will help us to improve further. You can also mail us your views related to matters of current interest which will be published in the magazine.

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