Bhartiya Society for Socio-Economic Development in Global Arena(“Bhartiya Society”) is a non- profit making organization registered under the (Indian) Societies Act, 1860.

Primary objective of Bhartiya Society is to improve the socio economic conditions of the country and act as a body that contributes and takes direct initiatives towards ensuring unity, representation and legal support to NRIs/PIOs on all matters.

Bhartiya Society brings, and has in the past brought, together a varied diaspora of senior lawyers, parliamentarians, senior bureaucrats, union cabinet ministers, chief ministers of states, the Planning Commission of India, Indian industry associations and international bodies such as the International Labour Organisation to develop an environment that is conducive not just to attract investments but also to ensure that such investments do not go bad due to the Indian legal, tax and regulatory challenges. Bhartiya Society seeks to promote bilateral trade and investment for the prosperity of India and Indians, and particularly assist NRIs in the challenges that they face due to Indian legal and regulatory issues, or due to the lack of government action or support.

Bhartiya Society seeks to achieve the objectives by making tie up with “M/s ASC Solicitors & Advocates” through setting three wings:

NRI Dedicated Cell:

Bhartiya Society believes that Indians around the world have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields. These Indians are scattered, but have a deep-rooted sense of belonging to India and in one or the other way attached to India. Since independence, Indians settled abroad have been keen to establish linkages and discovering new opportunities for interacting with their homeland.

The main objective of the NRI Cell is to provide unity to the NRIs/ PIOs across the globe and help them to raise a strong voice against any ill-treatment with an Indian/NRI/PIO all around the globe.

Legal Support to Investors particularly in Real Estate

Bhartiya Society facilitates and promotes bilateral investments and trade relations, and for this purpose provides advice on investment options particularly in Real Estate sector in India.

Today, India is a land of huge opportunities for global investors. The reforms process that the nation embraced more than two decades ago has made India an attractive investment destination having skilled English speaking manpower. Despite the global turmoil, India’s economy continues to grow at 7% and higher and is one of the fastest growing in the world. India has one of the youngest populations in the world with a median population in the range of 25 years.

Though foreign investment is automatically approved in most sectors but there are still some sectors where regulatory approval from FIPB is required. Besides most of the sectors require partnering / joint venture with an Indian partner. Therefore for any foreign investor there is an inherent need to collaborate in one way or the other with their counterparts in the subject country. Bhartiya Society aims to provide a platform for such collaboration.

Bhartiya Society is in touch with various Indian companies from small and medium scale to large scale companies who are interested in foreign collaborations. Some in terms of finance and others in terms of technical know-how.

Bhartiya Society also facilitates the legal, technical & procedural assistance through “ASC Solicitors & Advocates”, a leading law firm based at New Delhi, founded by Mr. Alok Sinha, Founder President of Bhartiya Society.

“ASC Solicitors & Advocates” believes in empowering the foreign investors and is glad to disseminate information relating to various sectors. This information is intended to educate the investors not just on legal, tax and regulatory issues and incentives surrounding the industry, but also commercial and practical aspects that are much required in the Indian context.

Large Level Investment Cell:

Bhartiya Society has made tie up with “ASC Solicitors & Advocates” to open a Large Level Investment Cell comprising of legal professionals to provide a single window service to NRIs/PIOs for all type of legal support. This cell provides legal support to those who lack the adequate resources to represent their cases.

This Cell of society is working under the direct supervision and control of the Founder President, Mr. Alok Sinha, who is a notable Advocate of Supreme Court of India practicing for more than 32 years.

NRI’s/PIO members shall be provided with legal, tax and regulatory advisory by Bhartiya Society with the support of ASC, Solicitors & Advocates. Nature of such services includes the following:

  • Advisory and guidance on any concerned matter including inheritance/succession, mutation, will, marriage, divorce, preventive reliefs, grant of lease, taxation, real estate investment etc.
  • To co-ordinate with the government authorities;
  • To correspond with the members regarding the progress and to send legal news and relevant updations;
  • To render prompt advice to shape the matters to avoid legal complications which may arise in future;
  • To render legal services to the willing investors starting from locating the land to liaison and hand over the complete office with manpower, as and when required;
  • To represent legal matter before the Court or any other Legal /Administrative Body;
  • To handle complete litigation and documentation etc.

All legal advisory shall be rendered on concessional charges so that members receive complete comfort and can contribute towards the growth of India. If you have any legal issue or seeking an investment advice kindly submit your query on and our experts will contact you in short span of time.

Conferences & Seminars – Disseminating Information:

Bhartiya Society has an excellent track record of organizing high-level conferences/seminars for the development of law and removal of hurdles, which comes in the way of smooth investment and hinders the prosperity and growth of India. Besides various reunion functions, conferences and seminars are organized to unite NRIs/ PIOs and to address their problems / queries / grievances etc.

Eye Lid Global India

Besides this society has also come up with a quarterly publication named as Eyelid Global India, which contains three sections named as Legal Section, Investment Section and General Section. These sections provide informations and updates about legal issues, investment opportunities and general updates about India. Any NRI who wants to raise his voice and would like to contribute in the magazine by any way may kindly contact at you may also subscribe for the recent issues to write your request on


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